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I’ve had eight cars since I’ve turned 18. Maybe that would make spoiled. It’s possible that it could make me look like I don’t know what I want in life. However, what I’ll tell you now is that I’ve grown up in a household where we don’t keep cars long. Why? Because we get bored with cars, sometimes, and other times it’s because we find something we’d like to have.

Another thing we didn’t do a lot in the household I grew up in was modify cars. My older brother started doing that when he was in high school, though. I started doing it to my cars a couple years ago, too. Why? Because modifying your cars is cool.

The first car I decided to re-accessorize was my Pepper White 2005 Mini Cooper S that had ugly chrome-style side mirror housings and front grille. I added carbon fiber mirror caps, and black JCW-style grilles. I also modified the performance quite a bit, but that doesn’t matter in this post. I also added a real carbon fiber gearshifter, which was so much better to shift with than the awkwardly big OEM knob.

What does actually matter when adding accessories to your car? Making it your own. It doesn’t matter if anyone has done the same as you, it only matters that you make your car what appeals to your personality, whether the guy next to you likes it or not.

It’s companies like Car Accessories Plus that help you do that, too. Say you have a Mazda2; a car you purchased because you loved our unrivaled review of it. A far assumption. What happens when you’d like to add some different wheels to take away the horrifying look of the plastic wheel covers? You go check out some actual rims for it.

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