Chrysler’s slogan, Imported From Detroit, has gotten them both good and bad attention. Bad since some of their cars aren’t even made here. Good because it shows Detroit in a better light. Last year they set the gold standard of Super Bowl ass kicking with Eminem, a Detroit boy born and raised. This year, they do it with the coolest man alive, Clint Eastwood. They obviously made his day with a nice paycheck. Sorry, I had to.

Anyway, the advertisement isn’t witty, it’s not funny, cute or purposeful. Instead, it’s done for America. It’s about us working as Americans to be the best again, to fix our own economy and take care of ourselves and our country. It’s not even about Chrysler, it’s about America, and how we can learn from the hardships that Detroit keeps pushing through to succeed. In a nutshell, it’s damn brilliant, and selfless. It gives me goosebumps, honestly.

Chrylser: Halftime in America