According to Jay Baier, marketing director for Turner Motorsport, running two BMW M3s (#s 93 and 94), the team isn’t down and out, but they definitely need some luck. In a set of e-mail exchanges with Jay, he told RawAutos:

94 is out. Engine problems … Not much more I can say about that. 93 is running p14 (GT), p18 (overall) as of now. Fastest lap a 1:49.614; Brake pads just changed up front. Car is running OK. Just running as smooth as possible, staying out of trouble and see what we can do. Porsches are fast and are getting better fuel mileage. If we get some lucky breaks we can get up front.

After that e-mail I asked Jay about the drivers and their feelings on the 93 BMW M3:

Overall car feels good. Handling is balanced. Braking is good. Car is strong. Germans like the car but have trouble getting used to tired. Car is much more of a point and shoot car unlike the finesse cars they are use to.

Overall no huge complaints. Drivers are holding up fine. Marsal has had one stint. Werner Muller and Auberlen have all had multiple stints. Some visibility issues with mirrors in car. Have been relying on a spotter.

The number 93 car having mirror issues isn’t good. Granted, while it’s most important to be able to see out of the windshield, it certainly doesn’t make life easy not being able to see what’s about to pass you. Luckily Daytona Prototypes will typically flash their lights when passing certain GT cars.

You can follow all that Turner Motorsport are doing via Facebook, their 100% live pit stream (below), or if you go to the link provided, you can get involved in the live chat room. Don’t forget to follow the #50thRolex24 search on Twitter to keep up to date on all cars. Or you can go to Grand-Am’s website to listen to live radio (audio starts automatically), and check out the live timing and scoring.