Ever wonder why car companies partner with big name luxury brands, or even just a medium luxury brand? Well we all know it’s to make a little extra scratch, as well as some brand awareness.

Interestingly enough, Cheap Sally brings us this very cool and unique infographic about the business of branding between car companies and big name clothing, accessory, and phone makers.

Take a look, and feel free to ask yourself why you’d want to pay $8,000 more than the average price of a glorious Fiat 500 for a Gucci-fied version. Or maybe what automotive branding and watches has to do with you and what the average American makes each year.

Now as an avid watch guy, especially Tag Heuers, I can see why you’d spend ridiculous amounts of money on beautifully hand-crafted time pieces. However, I can understand why people would call me crazy for being willing to spend about 91 grand on a Jaeger-LeCoultre to go along with my Aston Martin. It should be noted, though, that the Jaeger can in fact lock and unlock the doors, as well as start your Aston DBS. How awesome is that?! It might not be worth $91,000 to some, but to me, that’s priceless. Although, I would have a key in my pocket that would be able to do the same thing, though, wouldn’t I? Awkward…

In an unrelated point, I’ve been wondering for a while why Catherine Zeta-Jones hadn’t been acting for some time. Now I know why: $20 million from T-Mobile?! Holy poop.

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