I was talking to a friend of mine who’s really in to the whole Fast and Furious franchise. She was talking to me about how hot the cars are, etc. This is troubling, because these aren’t cars that should be idolized, if you ask me.

So in honor of Fast Five hitting the theaters recently, I thought I’d show you a timeless comedic video I posted here on RawAutos July 29, 2008. It’s by a very funny guy by the name of Mike Merryfield, and well, you can see for yourself the hilarity of the video.

Thanks to all the ricers out there that continue to make us real car guys laugh and laugh all day long. There’s one thing I still don’t understand, though. Paul Walker is actually a licensed racing driver. He’s also a real car guy and loves his Porsches, so much so that he recently purchased a 1973 Carrera RS… Why if you love cars that much do you continue doing Fast and Furious movies? I guess they pay that well.