Just when you thought you’d seen it all… there comes this: Someone in South Dakota, obviously proud of their country and trailer park, has outdone any paint job on the face of the earth by turning his 1991 Ford Mustang GT into the star spangled banner.

This is one of those real life jokes, “You might be a redneck if…” Or, even better, “You might be a terrorist if… you don’t like this paint job.” I mean, whatever happened to supporting your country with an American flag sticker in the back window? This just takes national pride to a whole new level that it should have never gone.

But I have to say, as funny as it is to make fun of it, I kind of dig it. Oh God, I think I’ve been living in the south way too long. Quick, someone smack me!

However, if you really do dig the beast of the stars and stripes, it can be yours for just $14,000! With only 75,000 miles on the clock. I know that sounds like a lot, but there seems to be quite a bit of work done to the car. Just take a look:

1991 mustang gt 427w dart iron eagle block probe dominator rotating assm. built by chp, afr225 72cc heads, custom comp blower cam, lunati roller lifters, trick flow push rods, roller rockers, super victor intake, custom quick fuel e-85 blow through carb, moroso 8qt. oil pan, mezier electric water pump, black magic fan, 4 core be cool radiator, d1-sc procharger with 8 rib pulley setup renegade style, procharger bypass valve, billet msd distributor and 6al box, msd blaster 2 coil, 1 5/8 mac headers, custom made 3in. h pipe with delta flows, tremmec tko 600 with dfx clutch, steeda tri ax shifter, bbk clutch quadrant, 4.10 gears. cars has a 6 point welded cage and welded subframe connectors. upper and lower control arms (dont know brand) welded torque boxes, sumped factory fuel tank with a1000 fuel pump stell braided fuel lines. drag suspension from previous owner unsure of details no front swaybar. 17in. cobra r replicas, motor and clutch have about 800 miles on them the rest of parts have about 3k on them……………………………… ……………. .. THE BAD: car needs to be finished being tuned made 596hp 580tq on 5lbs boost but need to have driveability sorted out, no heater no windshield wipers, no radio, no power steering, has small leak from oil pan, and exhaust leak, car needs bigger headers for the heads. interior is in decent shape and exterior has some rock chips in the front. this car gets a ridiculous amount of attention people are always stopiing to take pictures of it everywhere it goes. car has alot more invested in it then he’s asking he’s just looking to get into a 99-04 saleen which is the only trade considered. all parts installed professionally by reputible shop, car is capapable of alot of power just needs someone to finish it.

I didn’t change any wording, spelling or grammar. The bad seems a little interesting, for the fact it needs to have the “driveability” sorted out… What in the hell does that mean? Will I be driving down the road and the car all of a sudden decides to drive straight into a tree because it hates me, or mother earth? It sounds like it could be the Christine of Mustangs, ladies and gentleman.

If you’d like to buy this one-of-a-kind, truly American gem, you better jump on it now while it’s still around.

[Source: AutoTrader]