Ever wonder why that kid in the ’90s Honda Civic has to fly past you making ungodly amounts of noise without going all that quickly? Yeah, us “real” car guys have no idea.

I know, I know… it’s all about living your life a 1/4 mile at a time, according to Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious. But have they ever stopped and really took a look at their hideous paint jobs, listened to the vile noise coming from an exhaust the size of a Folger’s coffee can, or even realized that they have gigantic wings on a front-wheel drive car? I mean, I know it can help any car with high speed and cornering stability at times, but these goofeballs don’t do much cornering… at least not at speeds where the wings help. And also, they typically don’t have anything on the front of the car to offset the amount of front-end lift that rear wing is potentially causing. Congratulations, jackass.

But there’s something these guys and gals just won’t get; that’s that these cars can actually look, sound, drive and race very well when done properly. And one thing they won’t get is the picture above. I mean look at it, it’s gorgeous. It’s a Honda Civic Si done over by Mugen, the Japanese tuning firm famous for turning good Hondas into great Hondas. It doesn’t have a ridiculous sounding exhaust. No wild rear wing. No vomit inducing paint job. Decals that aren’t from every parts company ever known. And no cheap-ass headlights that don’t work, but provide a lot of annoyance to others on the road.

The Honda Civic Si has only been produced with a manual transmission. And when tuned by Mugen Motorsports, you can expect even more driving thrills.

Mugen was founded in 1978 by Hirotishi Honda, son of Honda founder, Soichiro Honda. Mugen actually stands for ‘unlimited’.

See, a history lesson and an understanding of why ‘ricers’ will never be one of us until they grow up. Thanks to Honda for always “Staying With the Stick”.

[Photo taken from: Racer86]