Sir Mix-A-Lot came on the scene about 18 years ago with a little known hit entitled Baby Got Back. He’s back in 2010 with another song, Carz.

It’s a pretty decent hip-hop song by Mix-A-Lot himself, as he teams up with the boys over at the Teamspeed forums. The song chronicles his love for fine automobiles, the way they look, sound and drive. He makes a few fun cracks at the automotive poser community who believe their cars are for cool points…

Some R-rated language ensues in the video, so viewer discretion is advised… yada, yada.

If I were you, though, I’d sure as hell watch it in 1080p HD, because the cars are fantastic and, shockingly, it’s a catchy tune. Then again, everything Sir does is very easy to listen to. And respect must go to Mix, because he seems to know his schtuff about the cars he’s talking about.

[Source: Sir Mix-A-Lot Channel]