YouTube and Top Gear go together like snow and stupid drivers. Since YouTube has lifted their time restrictions on the videos that can be uploaded, someone has gotten hold of Top Gear’s Christmas Special and put it up in its full 1 hour and 16 minute glory.

Because it’s Top Gear, it’s one of the greatest things around. But because it’s the Christmas Special where they travel through the desert, it’s insane. They start their journey in Iraq… and then they’re trying to get to Bethlehem to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus. Or, well, you’ll just see what it’s a baby of… I will say, it’s quite a shocker. Oh, and almost to fulfill a Top Gear prophecy that someone will one day die on the show, James May almost does die… Well, he gets seriously hurt.

Anyway, stop reading this and watch the video. God knows it won’t be up very long.