Our friends over at ThisWeekInMotors.com have uncovered an imagining of what the 998-series Porsche 911 could look like.


The photos were done-up by member Wild-Speed of the forums TeamSpeed.com. All of the images are just different colored 911s, but one is of the 998 Turbo. And another, a black with black wheels, almost looks as if it could be a Carrera S model, with its differentiating Turbo style LED round fog lamp. I do believe this is a very good adaptation of the new 911, but i see a few things being different on the real car.


Firstly, the mirrors. Porsche will keep the mirrors closer to the body of the car, if not use some type of camera imaging system to replace them, for the most part.


Secondly, the back half of the car. I believe that the area of the rear-wheel arch and just under the back-seat window, will be a bit more sculpted than in the 996 and 997 series 911s. I think Porsche may try and go to a more 993 style rear simply to help make the 911 seem a little shorter and therefore, a bit more aggressive.


As for everything else, I would love to see the next Porsche 911 look just like this.

[Source: ThisWeekInMotors.com via TeamSpeed.com]