I’m telling you, what a hell of time for Porsche. First they released the new GT3 close to this time last year. Then came a new 911 Turbo, followed 10 days later by the GT3 RS, and now it’s the 911 Turbo S. When does it end?! Wait, I don’t want it to end, I love seeing a new Porsche every other day.

With 530hp, 30 more than the regular Turbo (I never thought I’d call a 911 Turbo regular…), the Turbo S is sure to please all with its extra kick to 60. A 3.1 second kick, to be precise.

Porsche always does a great job at making videos. So much effort and time put into something so technical and German. You see, I’m that way, so that’s why I love their specification ridden videos.

[Source: YouTube via Porsche]