Anyone that knows me realizes I’m a big car forum guy. I’m not just into cars for the sake of them; I love being around like minded people. And because of that attitude, I belong to close to 30 car forums from around the world, and I love every single one of them.

One forum, though, that I especially love is Gruppe Titan. It was started recently by a good friend of mine who has an E46 BMW M3 that he has put lots of time, money, and effort into modifying tastefully. Not only does his car show a lot about his personality, Gruppe Titan shows the same about him.

DSC00040Gruppe Titan is known as “an Exclusive European Automotive Community.” While that may sound like just a bunch of European elitists on a car forum, you would sadly be mistaken. These are nothing but the highest order of gearheads and true auto enthusiasts like myself. Hell, they welcomed me, and I’ve got a Bullitt Mustang. It is without a doubt worth mentioning that another one of their beliefs is “Community, Respect, Refinement.” And this I can also stand by, since I know a good portion of the members, having been with them in other car forums over the years.

DSC00014Just to give you a little understanding of where the name comes from, “gruppe” is German for “group”, but the most interesting part is why “Titan” was chosen. In my friend’s words, “the Titans were great warriors and associated with primal concepts hence involved or associated with the balance and order of things. I would like to think that we are a group that strives for balance in terms of modding. Also, they strove to achieve the unachievable: remaining the supreme deities in the golden age and beyond. I do not think that we are trying to be the ‘best’ group around or the most noteworthy. That would be nice, perhaps, but it is not a priority. In terms of being active in the community and ‘making a difference’, some folks would say that is a ‘losing battle’. Perhaps, it is, but it is one worth being engaged in. But let’s say, for argument’s sake, that this is inevitably a losing battle. Well, let’s enjoy the ride along the way.” He further proclaims, “Our group is not just about the cars. Yes, it is nice to see sweet cars on this site, but I am glad to be a part of a good group of folks. It is the driver that makes the car and not the other way around.”

toy pileAnother great thing about the Gruppe Titan forum is that not just anyone can join. You really have to share their vision for car enthusiasm in order to be approved to become a forum member. This way it limits the amount of people who just like to show up and start drama and act like they are better than everyone else. This is a group of people who care about cars, but more so, one another. Their most recent community work was being actively involved in the Triangle Italians’ Toy Drive for the Durham Rescue Mission in Durham, NC. Members were responsible for getting toys from two drop off locations to the event. Now that’s what I call giving back.

DSC00010So as you can see, this is not just some group of car enthusiasts that gets together and disses American or Japanese cars because they have European cars. No, it’s a tight group of good people who care about their cars, one another, and giving back to the community.


“Happy Motoring!”