Camaro outsells Mustang copy

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is the new hot rod on the streets, so it’s understandable that it would have a good sales draft. But, three months in a row of beating the Mustang?! Now that’s just pushing it…

While the Camaro is a good car, I don’t think it’s as good as a Mustang, but we’ll see what continues to happen. It’s quite odd to see the Mustang fall so low in sales, though. It’s gotten one hell of a refresh, and the new GT500 has proven to be worth the pennies spent on it.

However, no matter how much of a Mustang guy I am these days, I’ve got to tip my hat to the bow-tie boys for finally making a car that at least deserves the mass appeal. Congratulations to Chevy on this one.


“Happy Motoring!”

[Source: Autoblog]