The first episode of the 13th series for Top Gear has some great bits. As usual, the boys are up to no good with a preview of the latest season showing some of their best work yet. Don’t we say that with every new series? Yes, yes we do.

First up after you see the trailer for the new series you have the start of the guys going back 60 years in time to 1949 where Jeremy races James and Richard in a Peppercorn A1 Class Tornado steam train from London to Edinburgh, while James has  Jaguar XK120 and Richard has a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle. Next after that you see Jeremy test the new Lotus Evora. Then, The Stig takes the Ferrari Enzo FXX around the Top Gear Test Track to do an amazing lap, and once that’s over with The Stig reveals himself to be… Watch the video. All in all the whole episode will shock you.



“Happy Motoring!”