Spyker, one of the sexiest automobiles on sale anywhere in the world today, released more photos of its upcoming C8 Aileron coupe that was shown at the Geneva Auto Show in Marhc of this year, and the NY Auto Show in April. Whenever you look at a Spyker you expect top notch quality and a look that is all too unique to try and copy. Spyker has done it even better than before.

The Dutch company, Spyker, is rather legendary for making airplane engines, hence why everything has a rotary theme to it. The one thing that isn’t a rotary is the engine. It’s a 4.2L Audi sourced V8 that they use in all of their cars. This is the same engine for the Audi RS4 and R8 cars, only with 400hp instead of 420. Still, though, the Spyker, to me, makes an F430 look like common and nothing special. I’ve yet to see a Spyker drive past me anywhere that I’ve been. I’ve seen them at the auto shows, but never on the road. Maybe that’s what makes them more illustrious to me?


Regardless, they started out with the C8 Laviolette and C8 Spyder cars, then worked their way up to the Peking-to-Paris sport utility vehicle. The Peking-to-Paris is very interesting. It only seats four and seems to be the modern interpretation of a Lamborghini LM002. The Peking-to-Paris is also much cooler than the Porsche Cayenne, which is a vehicle I love!

One thing that you may notice about the style of the new Spyker C8 Aileron are the headlights. They go along with the new and popular theme, from Audi, of the LED trimmed lights. They look great on almost every car that uses them on the market today, and the C8 makes them look that much cooler. I’ll say, once I have the money, I’ll be putting my order in for one of these Ailerons. Take a fine look at the rest of the exterior details of the new Aileron versus the older C8 Coupe and Spyder. You can see more unique and pronounced openings to feed the engine and the brakes, along with a more normal hood. Not the one that was on the Laviolette and Spyder that had the giant cutaway to house the suction fans at the front.


“Happy Motoring!”

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