It’s the fourth of July. And you know what that means… CELEBRATION! Most people will be drinking and having a great time. Just remember, don’t drink and drive, please. There are enough traffic accidents on the road, don’t make anymore. What’s more, don’t become a statistic.

Since you already think I’m an old man, have fun! This is the fourth of July, and it’s meant to be celebrated. Try and remember why we celebrate this day, though. It’s not supposed to be another reason to get drunk and have a wild set of new photos on Facebook and/or Myspace.

Thank someone who has served in the military. Thank them for just taking a chance, more or less. Especially thank the men and women who have served oversees. It doesn’t matter if you were a cook or a Navy SEAL. What matters is that you did a job not many of us are willing to do. And for that I thank you and pray for you every day.

Well, that’s enough of my, whatever you call this. Everyone have a fun and safe fourth!


“Happy Motoring!”