RawAutos.com needs your help. I talked the PR people at Porsche today to try and get into their press fleet program. That means I’ll be able to borrow their cars and test them.

Well, there are some things they need from me. Outside of the usual visitor information and time spent on the website stuff, they would like to see the general demographic of my website. That’s why you see the poll on the left side. If you could please answer the poll honestly, I’d greatly appreciate it. Not only will this benefit me with growing RawAutos. It will also benefit you guys by providing you with more and better first hand information.

In the past my test drive videos haven’t exactly been the best, I know. But, I’ve taken the time to learn how to truly edit videos and do them up right. So, with a little help from you guys, we can get better information going on RawAutos.com.

This won’t just help me with Porsche. It will also greatly help with all of the other automakers I’m currently talking to about borrowing press cars.

As always, thank you guys for your support!


“Happy Motoring!”