Since Lamborghini took the wraps off its new LP-670-4 Super Veloce, or SV for short, last week in Geneva, people have been all up in it. I can’t wait to see one on the streets, maybe even drive one…

Sam Hubinette has already been hired by Lamborghini before to drive one of their cars for a commercial. Now they have him back in it doing another one. This one revolves around him drifting a Super Veloce around a hanger.

With 670hp on tap and an all-wheel drive system, this is the fastest Lamborghini ever. It is also the only SV in the companies history that has an AWD system. E-Gear is standard, but a 6-spd manual, surprisingly, can be ordered… I can dig it! As much as I hate to say this, Ferrari, can you pay attention to Lambo on this one? I’d like to have a manual in an F430 Scuderia, too.

There is only one thing I don’t like about Lamborghini and their new SV. They don’t have one sitting in my driveway asking me to test it for them, yet. Check out the video after the jump.


“Happy Motoring!”