2008 RawAutos Car of the Year Survey

So this week’s blog is fairly simple and easy to read. Our second annual RawAutos Car of the Year is coming up! But, this year I want your input!!! Last year I chose a group of cars myself and picked the winner. While that was fine. This year I’ve decided to get your opinions. I will chose 10-15 of the cars listed for the awards. I won’t list them in any particular order of numbering. But what I will do is do the top 10-15 cars that you guys have picked. It will be hard for me to do, but I’m willing to do it.  Here’s basically what I need you guys to do. Rate each car on this list 1-26, as the most important cars in your mind for 2008. Your reasons can be anything. If you want to rate the Bentley Brooklands the best of 2008 simply because it has over 700lb-ft of torque, weighs over 5000lbs, has the luxury to match a private jet and still gets to 60 in roughly 5 seconds, go right ahead. If you want to rate the Tesla Roadster the best of 08 because of its environmentally friendly electric motor that still does a 0-60 of 4.0s and is built on the Lotus Elise chassis and frame, be my guest. Feel free to add a car to the list… If you don’t like a car, take it off and don’t rate it. Just tell me what you added and/or deleted. The only rules are these: The vehicle(s) had to be on sale for at least 1 month in the United States and/or road tested by major American automotive publications at some point in 2008. The Alfa Romeo 8C wasn’t necessarily on sale, it was already sold out… But, a few deliveries, if any, were made inside the United States. However, it had such a major impact on the exotic market in 2008, along with being Alfa’s first car to return to the states in over a decade, it gets special privileges. If you don’t know of a car, Google it and/or YouTube it. Most of these cars have been tested by Fifth Gear and Top Gear over in England. So in your search simply type, Top Gear or Fifth Gear and then the name and model of the particular car. If I could get this list back with your signature, or typed name along with the date it was filled out by the end of this week, that would be great. You can e-mail it to me at josh@rawautos.com. Now, onto the list:

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Photo taken from: MotorAuthority.com

Aston Martin DBS (James Bond’s car)

Photo taken from: EGMCarTech.com

Bentley Brooklands

Photo taken from: DesktopCar.net

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Photo taken from: BentleyCarCover


Photo taken from: EGMCarTech.com

BMW 135i

Photo taken from: RoadFly.com


Photo taken from: BMW.com

Cadillac CTS-V

Photo taken from: RoadFly.com

Corvette ZR1

Photo taken from: Auto.cooone.com

Dodge Challenger

Photo taken from: ChryslerWeBlog.com

Dodge Viper ACR

Photo taken from: TheTorqueReport.com

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Photo taken from: RawAutos.com

Ferrari California

Photo taken from: WallpaperGate.com

Ford Bullitt Mustang

Photo taken from: Zimbio.com

Jaguar XF

Photo taken from: GoldenStateCars.com

Lamborghini LP560-4

Photo taken from: MotorTrend.com

Lexus IS-F

Photo taken from: Pit-Auto-News

Maserati Gran Turismo/Gran Turismo S

Photo taken from: Evo.co.uk

Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series

Photo taken from: ZCars.com.au

Mercedes-Benz SL550/SL63 AMG/SL65 AMG/SL600

Photo taken from: TuningNews.com

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Photo taken from: Cars.About.com

Nissan GT-R

Photo taken from: CorvetteForum.com

Pontiac G8

Photo taken from: MotorTrend.com

Porsche 911

Photo taken from: Flickr.com

Porsche 911 GT2

Photo taken from: PorscheUSA.com

Tesla Roadster

Photo taken from: RSportsCars.com

One thing I must add, the reason that the Bullitt Mustang is on here isn’t because I own one. I love my car. But, it’s primary purpose for being on this list is that fact that it was limited production of 7000 United States units and 700 in Canada, it has a natural legacy with the movie of the same name and Steve McQueen, and it is a HUGE turning point and stepping stone for the 2010 Mustang GT. I broke the news about the 2008-09 Bullitt was the chassis and suspension basis for the 2010 GT, and I was proud to know that. When speaking with Paul Randle, head of the Mustang program, in LA at the Auto Show, he told me that the Bullitt is faster around road courses than the GT500 due to weight, the 3.73 final drive and the limited-slip differential. The GT500 has no LSD and no 3.73 rear. So, there you have it…  Thanks for your help and support, guys and gals! -Josh “Happy Motoring!”