I just wanted to send out a warm and kind Happy New Year’s Eve, and Happy New Year to you all! I know you’ll all be in or out, hopefully doing something fun… But, whatever you do, be safe, stay warm -for those of us who are in the colder states, and don’t drink and drive. I can’t express that last one enough. This is the Holiday’s. Cops will be everywhere. I watched 6 people get pulled over today at the same time, on the same road, right in front of me on the highway… It was the single greatest pleasure of watching justice be served to all of the hot shots who drive their cars way too fast. I had a guy fly by me in the middle lane, while I was doing a 70 in a 65. I wasn’t in his way or anything, but he wanted to go faster… He looked like one of those morons with his seat all the way back, one hand on the top of the wheel, and hunched to one side. He was a wannabe white rapper. I laughed when I saw him get pulled over.


“Happy SAFE Motoring!”