Test Drive: 2009 Ford Flex

Finally, my internet worked long enough for the Test Drive Review videos of the all new 2009 Ford Flex Limited.

Now, I know what you are saying. Yes, this is RawAutos.com. This is the place where I only talk about kick ass sports cars and the likes. But the Ford Flex is actually a really cool crossover. I liked it a lot. Just watch the video and make your judgment. Hopefully you will go try one out.


In-car test drive:

I apologize for the sunglasses. I was wearing them while I was photographing the Bullitt Mustang, and forgot to switch to my regular glasses. It was about 95 degrees that day, and the sun wasn’t blaring, it was just a bright day.

Vehicle walkaround and photos after the jump…

Vehicle walkaround:

If you have any questions about this Ford Flex, or any other Ford for that matter, please feel free to give Jason Lewis of Tom Smith Ford in Lillington, NC a call toll free at 877-601-3673 or locally at 910-814-2243.

A few things about the photos: The first picture is of the touchpad to lock, unlock the car without your key. That is a very old Ford thing that they do, but this one, instead of being that ugly black, cheap, numberpad, this is built into the pillar of the door frame. It looks great and feels cool. The Easy Fuel filler has no fuel cap, basically when you put the nozzle into the filler to refuel, it suctions to keep it in.


“Happy Motoring!”