Transformers the movie came out in 2007 and is to this day one of the best cartoon shows, including comic books, turned movies ever. Not only was it the heat at the box office, it was a great movie to any Transformers fan. The cars were cool, the voices were real, and Megan Fox is hot!

Now with the sequal there has been tons of speculation and lots of drooling. Within the past week a good bit of information about the new film has appeared in the press. I found some of it and thought I would share it with you guys.

According to some of the new Transformers are as follows:

Arcee – a female motorcycle from the original movie.
The Twins – An Ice Cream Truck
Stinger – A Porsche
R8 – Unknown, but possibly an Audi R8–the kind seen in Iron Man.
Wheels – Probably a version of the annoying “Wheelie” from the original series.
Jetfire – a Blackbird jet
Devastator? – An unconfirmed Constructicon Earth Mover.

Also on CBM there has been a leak of the actual movie call sheet


“Happy Motoring!”

Source: Autoblog via Comic Book Movie

Photos taken from: CelebWorm and My Movies Database