In a move that I’m sure has us all jumping for joy, NBC said the other day that they would not put any sort of restraints on what the new hosts of Top Gear U.S.A. could or couldn’t say. This is according to Final Gear.

A listener called into Adam Carolla’s radio show to talk about the new show and ask questions. Adam revealed that the show would be very similar to the British Top Gear, in that they test exotic cars and the likes, you know, all of the cars that we want to see them test, not some Chevy Cobalt SS… Carolla also came right out and said that the NBC was not going to put limitations on what the hosts opinions were on a car. According to Adam, they will be able to freely dis or love up on any car they want.

Are you crying with joy yet? I am too. Finally, something I can really be excited to sit down and watch that is truly automotive based and worth while. Now all we need to know is what kind of American Stig we will get. I hope it won’t be the Stig’s fat, American cousin…

You can hear the radio show here.


“Happy Motoring!”

Source: Final Gear