Darren Law talks about Racing

Since I have been writing for Auto Sport Blog, I have had a lot of fun writing about racing. I love it; it is an enthusiast passion of mine. Not only do I love writing about the racing, but I get to talk to real racing drivers on the phone and ask them stuff that I’ve been dying to ask the pro drivers. Darren Law is one of those guys. He is a really great guy to talk to. He is very down to earth and honest with his answers. He is a great driver too. You would have to be when you are working as much as he does.

The look of a champion

Darren is a busy man as I said before. Just how busy you ask? Well, he drives for three different racing teams in three separate racing series’. He drives a Porsche Riley Prototype for Brumos Porsche in Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, a 997 911 for Flying Lizard Motorsports in American Le Mans Series, and as of recently, a 997 911 for Motorsport Technology Group in Grand-Am Koni Challenge.

Darren raced this past weekend in the Koni Challenge at Lime Rock Park for Motorsport Technology Group in a Porsche 997 911. Unfortunately they had an electrical problem in one of their practice sessions, but were able to get the car straightened out and Law ended up finishing 8th with teammate Andrew Davis.

As for his next race, Sahlen’s six hours of the Glen, Darren had some great things to say about Porsche and Watkins Glen the track, in particular. He said that going through the S-curves and the uphill portion of the 3.4 mile track you can hit about 180 mph in the #58 Brumos Porsche Riley Prototype by the end of the back straight. Pushing about 500hp from the Porsche Naturally Aspirated 3.8L 6-cylinder was one hell of a feat, we both agreed, and one that Porsche seems to do “very well” Mr. Law concluded. Law said that Watkins Glen is a track that he looks forward to all season because of how fun of a track it is to race.

I talked to Darren a little about the following race at Mid-Ohio, or the EMCO Gears Classic, he said that it was going to be a good race; it is a technical track that takes a lot of precision. It seems that the 2.2 mile track is good for the V8 engine cars, as they are able to deal with the lower to mid speed corners due to their bigger power plants. Still though, this does not faze Darren and his Brumos Porsche team. He says that it should be a great race for him and his teammate, David Donohue, who both have great experience and success with this type of track.

One thing I had to know, as a racing enthusiast, was goes through a driver’s mind while racing. Darren said that his mindset during each session of the racing series is totally different from the other. He said that while practicing he is thinking what exactly the front and rear of the car are doing while taking practice laps around the track. He said he was also thinking how the team can, including himself, find the best compromise between handling and speed. During qualifying, he said, is much different. “During qualifying, I am thinking about which corners are worth more than others to get the best lap time.”  As for the race, he said, “I am not thinking of nailing a corner as much as I am thinking about not making mistakes.”

Darren is a Porsche lover. Not only does he race them on professionally, but he drives a 911 himself. He says that there is a noticeable difference in the engines, simply because his street car has a lot less power and RPM’s as his race cars, but as cars, they have a lot of driving passion which doesn’t really change between the street and race cars. They still have their great Porsche driving traits, he said.

Look to Auto Sport Blog to provide race coverage of Darren Law and all of his races, pre and post.

Thanks to Darren Law for taking the time out of his busy schedule to have a fun conversation with me.


Photos taken from DarrenLaw.com