While I am on the topic of Ferrari, I found an interesting article put together by Wired that, in detail, describes the actual happenings of how the McLaren F1 team got a hold of the top secret Ferrari F1 information.

I’m sure you all remember the scandal. It was one that cost McLaren $100,000,000, their hard earned constructor’s points and two McLaren men lost their jobs. It is still unsure whether team boss, Ron Dennis, will lose his.

Ferrari did end up winning the Constructor’s title and Kimi Räikkönen went on to win his first Driver’s title.

Check out the article. It is really long, but it’s worth the read.

Here are a few clips:

“It was June 2007 in sleepy Surrey County, and Coughlan, a statuesque blonde, sauntered through the door of the shop holding a sheaf of 780 pages. Scan them onto two CDs, she told the clerk, a forgettable middle-aged guy in a forgettable office park in the middle of nowhere. Nothing strange about the order, unless you happened to be a Formula One fan and happened to take a close look at the material: schematic drawings, technical reports, pictures, and financial information — enough insider dope to design a Formula One race car. Each page was emblazoned with one of the most famous logos in the world: the prancing black horse of Ferrari.”

“Dear Mr. Domenicali,” the clerk typed. He proceeded to spill the strange tale of the woman with the stack of what appeared to be top-secret Ferrari documents.”


Source: Autoblog