As of today I now, in addition to writing for BMW Blog and here, of course, I started as a writer for a dedicated racing blog called It is a fantastic site for all information on racing and such. I was hired to be a behind the scenes writer. I will be bringing you and other fellow racing fans some of the more indepth coverage and interviews on post races.

Auto Sport Blog will allow me to write more racing material. I love to watch racing and talk about it as much as I can. I don’t post a lot of racing stuff here, as I know not everyone is interested in it the way that I am. But with Auto Sport Blog I will get that chance to dedicate some of my free time to racing articles.

I am currently writing under the owners username “44 Marketing.” That is until they get my new author account set up.

I just posted my first blog tonight about the new M3 GTR that is coming back to attack ALMS in 2009. Come check my article, and all of the others out. I do not think that you will be disappointed.