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Looks like you’ve stumbled upon RawAutos.com, your information station for all biased opinions based on all things automotive. At RawAutos.com I will talk about everything from speed limits all the way to why Toyota is ruining the car industry one customer at a time. Also at Raw I will talk a lot about how Ferrari, Porsche and BMW are the greatest ever and how they will remain that way. I have my opinions just like you do, only difference is that I know that I’m biased and that I’m an asshole… Do you? At Raw I will not hesitate to piss you off and/or make you piss yourself in either enjoyment or in shock. Feel free to discuss, challenge, hate, trash talk and do whatever else you want to do.

Also at RawAutos I will make sure I cover great topics outside of just cars and the auto industry. Such as why Enzo Ferrari has some of the best quotes said by any one man in the history of the world, all the way to why Gordon Murray is the greatest designer/engineer ever. One topic I will especially dwell on is why Chris Bangle was right all along and how everyone else was really wrong and should just kill themselves now.

Most importantly at RawAutos.com I will try and help you decide for yourself about the automotive industry. They will often tell you lies and half truths just because they can. Here I will try and help weed through the crap and make sure that the truth gets out. I just like any other news organization want to help supply you with the right information while also adding my own opinions in there to help you formulate your own. Always remember that RawAutos.com is where the fables stop and the truth begins.

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RawAutos.com: Where the fables stop and the truth begins…